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Make Fitness Your 2nd Religion

Growing up I did not attend church like many of my friends did.  The few times I did go I learned enough to know the importance of forgiveness and that nobody is morally perfect.  The bible and 10 Commandments are something my friends turned to as a reminder to do good moral things. Well that got me thinking that the same thing holds true when it comes to your health.  Nobody is perfect with eating and exercise.  Everyone slips up.  Maybe there is a need to read something that will help get everyone back on track.

The 10 Healthy Commandments:

1.)  Thou shall not let others effect my health and well-being.

2.)  Thou shall not look in the mirror and judge myself harshly, instead I will look in the mirror and say positive things to myself daily to form the habit.

3.)  Thou shall not ever use the word “can’t”, I will replace it with “in the future I will”.

4.)  Thou shall not continue to damage my body by ingesting processed food chemicals and fast food.  I will heal my body with natural foods from the earth.

5.)  Thou shall not judge others weaknesses, instead I will help to motivate and inspire others to get healthier.

6.)  Thou shall not drink pop or artificially sweetened drinks.  I will work towards reducing and eliminating them from my diet because they are toxic to my body.

7.)  Thou shall not cheat myself.  I will not use excuses for why I continue my unhealthy habits, instead I will use my mind/body connection and become a stronger person.

8.)  Thou shall not let my emotions get the best of me.  I will confront my issues from my past and present that have lead to my unhealthy habits.

9.)  Thou shall not be discouraged when I don’t see quick results.  Many years of unhealthy habits can’t be undone in a week.  I will keep in mind that it takes more than 2 weeks of consistency to begin a new healthy habit.  I won’t give up.

10.)  Thou shall pray daily for strength, confidence, and motivation to stay healthy.

The Benefits of Rowing Machines

Rowing machines have come a long way since the 70′s and 80′s.  Today, many rowers have fluid resistance technology creating a simulation to rowing in water that was not possible with the rowers of the past.




Rowing machines  provide a great low impact workout used for slow steady fat loss and muscle building.   Rowing is a full body cardio and strength building workout incorporating all major muscle groups.  The intensity of rowing is based on the quickness of the rowing action and the resistance level to which the machine is set.  Rowing machines are used for cross-training for many sports such as biking, running, crossfit, and swimming.  Rowing for 30 minutes a day 3-5 days a week can help with weight management and help decrease the incidence of joint pain as seen with many other exercises.  So what are you waiting for?  Get rowing!!!!

The Excusinator–A Personal Trainer’s Comical–Yet Worst Nightmare

Whether you were a client giving the excuse or the trainer listening to it, these exercise excuses will be sure to put a smile on your face.

I know that every personal trainer has had an experience with a client who has nothing but excuse after excuse for why they aren’t sticking to their program.  I have been a trainer for over 8 years, and compiled a number of excuses– some funny– and some typical– that I have heard either from my clients or other trainers.  The dog ate my workout schedule

1.)  The dog ate my schedule:  This could happen, but when the client has been coming to you for months on the same days at the same times—–it doesn’t fly anymore!!

2.)  I am just not losing the weight:  I have heard this many times.  Upon questioning you find out all the slip ups on eating along the way.  Stop all the unnecessary snacking throughout the day when you aren’t hungry and portion control at mealtime!!!

3.)  I am too tired to exercise:  Now I can understand a night of tossing and turning and only getting 5 hours of sleep, but if you got 7 hours or more and are still tired——-drink a cup of coffee and get your butt to the trainer.  12 ounce curls

4.)  I threw up this morning:  This one is a good one—-especially when they slip up at their next session and tell you how much fun they had with their friends at the bar the night before they cancelled their session.  Gottcha—–all the empty calories—-skipping their workout—-then they wonder why they don’t lose weight!!!

5.)  I can’t find the time to workout on my own:  I don’t believe that one!!! I can get a good 5-10 minute workout in each day.  If you have time to watch “The Biggest Loser” and “American Idol”, play on the computer, or go out to eat——-you can find time for a quick workout.  Wake up 10 minutes earlier or get a quick workout before dinner.  No excuses!!!!

6.)  It is painful to move due to arthritis:  I am not talking excruciating Rheumatoid Arthritis here—-just regular aches and pains.  I suffer from arthritis—-if you don’t move a joint it is much more painful!!!  Movement is necessary to help cope with arthritis.  If there is inflammation after a workout—-ice the affected joint and take an anti-inflammatory.

7.)   I injured my pinky finger:  This is a good one!!! So I ask—”Did you break it?” Answer is no.  Need I say more.  Get your butt to the trainer.

8.)  My car broke down:  Okay—–your car broke down but you made it to the hairstylist to get your hair done??? HMMMMMM!!!!

9.)  I am sick:  Then 3 hours later you run into them at the mall——SHOPPING!!!! Nice!!

10.)  My menstrual cramps are horrible:  I can understand this, but how many times a month do you have a period??  You could use this on a man and get away with it—but not me honey—I know how the cycle runs.

11.)  I pulled a muscle:  Then a few hours later you go to the park for a run and see your client running with their significant other.  How’s the pulled muscle???  As they turn red.  Oops—they forgot I go running at this park.

What excuses for not exercising have you heard lately? 


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