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Acorn Squash, Sweet Potato, and Apple Casserole

4 sweet potatoes

1 acorn squash

2 apples

cinnamon to taste

2 T. agave nectar

1 T. butter


Bake sweet potatoes in foil at 450 degrees for at least an hour.  At the same time bake acorn squash halved and cleaned out face down in baking dish with water at 450 degrees for at least an hour.  When finished remove skin from sweet potatoes and mash.  Spoon out acorn squash and mash then blend with the sweet potatoes.  Place the mixture in a glass baking dish.  Grate 2 apples into the mixture.  Add cinnamon to taste, 2 T. agave nectar, and 1 T. butter and stir into mixture.  Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.  Serves 2-4 people.

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