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Make Fitness Your 2nd Religion

Growing up I did not attend church like many of my friends did.  The few times I did go I learned enough to know the importance of forgiveness and that nobody is morally perfect.  The bible and 10 Commandments are something my friends turned to as a reminder to do good moral things. Well that got me thinking that the same thing holds true when it comes to your health.  Nobody is perfect with eating and exercise.  Everyone slips up.  Maybe there is a need to read something that will help get everyone back on track.

The 10 Healthy Commandments:

1.)  Thou shall not let others effect my health and well-being.

2.)  Thou shall not look in the mirror and judge myself harshly, instead I will look in the mirror and say positive things to myself daily to form the habit.

3.)  Thou shall not ever use the word “can’t”, I will replace it with “in the future I will”.

4.)  Thou shall not continue to damage my body by ingesting processed food chemicals and fast food.  I will heal my body with natural foods from the earth.

5.)  Thou shall not judge others weaknesses, instead I will help to motivate and inspire others to get healthier.

6.)  Thou shall not drink pop or artificially sweetened drinks.  I will work towards reducing and eliminating them from my diet because they are toxic to my body.

7.)  Thou shall not cheat myself.  I will not use excuses for why I continue my unhealthy habits, instead I will use my mind/body connection and become a stronger person.

8.)  Thou shall not let my emotions get the best of me.  I will confront my issues from my past and present that have lead to my unhealthy habits.

9.)  Thou shall not be discouraged when I don’t see quick results.  Many years of unhealthy habits can’t be undone in a week.  I will keep in mind that it takes more than 2 weeks of consistency to begin a new healthy habit.  I won’t give up.

10.)  Thou shall pray daily for strength, confidence, and motivation to stay healthy.

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