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The 10 Benefits of Jump Roping

Jump roping is an easy & efficient workout that can be added to any routine.  Here are 10 benefits of  jump roping:The 8 Benefits of Jump Roping

1.)  Jump roping is a full body workout that burns 11-20 calories per minute incorporating cardiovascular and strengthening components.  Using a jump rope can burn more calories per minute than running.

2.)  Jump ropes are definite space savers—-compared to other equipment it doesn’t take up any room.

3.)  There are options to buy weighted jump ropes to get a great upper body workout.

4.)  Jump ropes are very inexpensive, usually under $20—–the exception are weighted ropes.

5.)  Jump roping can be turned into a high intensity (double unders) or low intensity (marching) workout depending on speed and height of jumping.  The feet of the average jump roper should only come about an inch off the ground to lessen impact on joints.

6.)  It is great for toning the calf muscles which are a difficult muscle for many people to develop.

7.)  It is a great ab workout because it is necessary to stabilize the core and hold it tight while jumping .

8.)  Jump roping is a quick and easy workout when there is very little time to train——5-10 minutes is enough to kick the metabolism into gear.

9.)  A jump rope is easy to fit in carry on luggage when traveling to go on a business trip or vacation.

10.)  Jump roping is a fun workout to help get children to become more physically active.  Turn it into a competitive game to peak their interest.

Here is an 8 1/2 minute workout, it is a full body interval routine incorporating jump roping:

Jump Rope- 1 minute

Dips- 30 seconds

Lateral Raise w/ resistance band- 30 seconds

Jump Rope- 1 minute

Air Squats- 1 minute

Push-ups- 1 minute

Jump Rope- 1 minute

Pull Ups- 30 seconds

Bicep Curls w/ resistance band- 1 minute

Jump Rope- 1 minute


Jump Ropes


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  1. Lilly says:

    It’s really great that people are sharing this infomration.

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